The Anatomy of a Dragon

     I call this sculpture "Smell the Roses While You Can." The head is an antique peddle car that I found at my grandparent's farm. My Dad told me to cut up our old family car, so I did. I rearranged it and that car, along with a few other things, is what makes up this sculpture. The arms and legs are made from the frame of the car, as is the breast bone. The hind end is the bumper of the car with the original South Dakota license plate The ribs are made from truck leaf springs that I got from a customer and friend who lived in the Wessington area. The vertebrae are made from sickle guard parts and the teeth are sickle guards. The red flower is a cultivator shovel with the edges cut off. When I look at this sculpture, I see remnants of my family, my friends, my neighborhood, and my life at the time.

Smell the Roses

The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon, otherwise known as the Red Dragon, was my first large sculpture in the early 1980's. It is called the Magic Dragon, because at it's previous site, couples got engaged under it. The arms and head are moveable, and controlled from inside the body, where an adult can fit comfortably. It is made of disc blades on the front torso, auger tubes for the legs, a vacumator tube for the neck which is flexible,( all of which are used in farming) and eighth inch plate. The eyes are made out of ear rings, women's jewelry. The kids of Hand County and particularly St. Lawrence, grew up with this:)